Infill and Redevelopment

New Regulations for Infill and Redevelopment

Presented February 14, 2011

Town Adopts New Codes to Support Business Community and Encourage Redevelopment

Over the past three years, several changes have been adopted to reduce the processing requirements for many planning and zoning applications. The latest changes include more flexible development regulations in order to promote upgrades to older developments, and encourage infill and redevelopment in most areas of the town. The Town's parking regulations were also updated.

The recent changes include:
  • Providing incentives to encourage upgrades, infill development and the redevelopment of existing areas and buildings;
  • Allowing flexibility to the standard development requirements;
  • Promoting the revitalization of developed areas;
  • Allowing accessory residential units on non-residential properties; and
  • Reducing the public hearing requirements for certain development applications.
In addition, three specific overlay zones were identified for special incentives. Overlay zones are alternative land development provisions placed over an existing zoning district, within a specific area of the community. These new areas are referred to as Redevelopment Overlay Areas and include the following areas:

The revised parking regulations encourage shared parking, update the parking and loading space requirements and defer the construction of parking spaces on individual properties until needed. These parking revisions help to support some of the infill and redevelopment goals above, and also allow for some of the changes that have occurred in our neighborhoods.