Land Acquisition Program

Land Acquisition Program Bond Referendum Approved

On March 12, 2019, Jupiter voters approved a $20 million bond referendum to fund the Land Acquisition Program. The bond question was initially approved by the Jupiter Town Council at its December 6 meeting through Resolution #85-18. For more information about elections in the Town, please check out the Election Information page.

Program Details

Further details for the program are currently being developed for consideration by Town Council.

Any properties acquired with the funds will fall into at least one of the following categories or uses:

  • Environmentally sensitive, waterfront and recreational lands
  • Lands for open spaces
  • Archaeological or historic preservation
  • Traffic mitigation

In addition, the funds may be used for incidental costs related to the lands acquired through the program, such as clearing exotic vegetation and creating public access.

Jupiter Open Space Program

The Town of Jupiter approved a similar Open Space bond program in 2004 for $17 million that resulted in the acquisition of seven properties totaling 59.9 acres of land. For more information on the Town's 2004 Open Space Program, please check out the webpage.