Jupiter Utilities Projects Around Town

Explore our ongoing efforts to enhance and maintain our community's water and stormwater utilities infrastructure. Each project is numbered, corresponding to its location on the map, and listed below with its status, expected completion date, project description, and the latest update. Stay informed about our commitment to providing reliable water and stormwater utilities for our residents and businesses.

Utilities Projects Around Town Map

1. Jupiter River Estates Mangrove Trim Re-Bid (S2005A)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: 
March 2024
Project Description: The Town aims to address poor water quality in Jones Creek through a project with Sherlock Tree Company to trim exotic vegetation and mangroves in canal networks of Jupiter River Estates. Trimming is expected to enhance sunlight penetration and reduce detritus to improve water quality. 
Status Update: Trimming is underway in the canal sections within Maple Isle and The Colony, and project expected to be complete by March 2024.

2. Stormwater Utility Infrastructure Repairs Unit Price Contract (S2029)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: August 2024
Project Description: The Stormwater Utility's contract with Johnson-Davis facilitates proactive repairs to the stormwater system. 
Status Update: Currently, no active projects are underway, with 28 completed projects to date.

3. Cypress Drive Drainage Improvements (S2320A)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: April 2024
Project Description: Heavy Civil, Inc is constructing drainage improvements on Cypress Drive to mitigate rainfall-driven flooding involves construction of retention areas, valley gutters, and catch basins, with periodic lane closures.
Status Update: Roadway improvements are ongoing and drainage materials have been received. The Contractor has started the installation of site drainage on the east side of Cypress Drive and working towards the west. Residents and businesses will observe construction in the area and may experience temporary lane closures along Cypress Drive.

4. Stormwater Infrastructure Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation Services (S2339)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: November 2025
Project Description: This Contract with Nu-Pipe aids early detection of drainage issues through video inspection and offers cleaning and rehabilitation services.
Status Update: In the process of rehabilitating a drainage outfall pipe on Center Street, north of Dolphin Drive where residents may experience temporary lane closures along Center Street. Work to clean a basin at the Water Treatment Plant is ongoing. 

5. Wellhead and Electrical Improvements for Surficial Aquifer Wells 8A-12A (W1817A)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: March 2024
Project Description: Florida Design Drilling is  equipping five new wells (200' deep) with electrical power, pumps, instrumentation and controls to supply raw water to the nanofiltration water treatment plant. The new wells replace some of the oldest infrastructure in the water system to provide reliable groundwater supplies for the future.
Status Update: The project is in its final stages with remote communication setup underway, and operational approval is expected in early March 2024.

6. Drilling Floridan Aquifer Wells RO-14, RO-15 and RO-16 (W2011)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: December 2024
Project Description: All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. is drilling three Floridan Aquifer wells (1,560' deep) that will supply raw water to the reverse osmosis water treatment plant. These well are necessary to reduce strain on existing wells.
Status Update: Drilling of RO-16 is underway at the south end of Jupiter Community Park. Site preparation work is underway at RO-14 in Palm Beach Country Estates. Residents that use the Blue Gill Trail along the C-18 canal, near RO-14, may observe construction activity.

7. Floridan Aquifer and Surficial Aquifer Raw Water Main Extensions (W2109)

Status: Contract Awarded
Completion Date: January 2025
Project Description: Felix Associates of Florida, Inc. will be constructing raw water piping systems to multiple well sites north of Indiantown Road and along the C-18 Canal. 
Status Update: Material procurement is underway. Construction start anticipated April 2024. Residents may notice construction activities along Island Way.

8. Surficial Aquifer Rehabilitation Contract (W2111)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: March 2024
Project Description: Centerline Drilling, provides proactive rehabilitation and maintenance of surficial aquifer wells to restore well capacity and improve water quality. These wells supply water to the nanofiltration membrane water treatment plant.
Status Update: Well rehabilitation work is underway at one location in the Heights of Jupiter.

9. Jupiter Lakes, Wood Duck, and Brentwood Water Distribution Improvements (W2123)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: June 2024
Project Description: Replacement of aging water distribution infrastructure including valves and hydrants is being performed by Johnson-Davis to ensure water system reliability and fire protection.
Status Update: Jupiter Lakes and Wood Duck improvements are complete. Improvements in Brentwood North are expected to begin in March 2024 and will require temporary water service interruption. Advanced notification will be provided to residents prior to the start of the work.

10. Deep Injection Well (DIW) Drilling (W2313C)

Status: Contract Awarded
Completion Date: March 2026
Project Description: Construction of an injection well (3,300' deep) and associated monitoring well for disposal of water treatment plant by-product waters, by Youngquist Brothers, Inc. The DIW will eliminate discharges of RO concentrate to the environmentally sensitive Loxahatchee River, thereby significantly reducing nitrogen loadings to the River.  
Status Update: Preliminary site preparations, procurement of materials and installation of temporary power are underway. Drilling activity is expected to begin in May 2024. Residents in close proximity to the water treatment plant may experience construction noise.

11. Toney Penna Water Transmission Valve Replacements (W2317)

Status: Contract Awarded
Completion Date: May 2024
Project Description: Johnson-Davis, Inc will replace three critical isolation valves near Toney Penna Drive, between Jupiter Village Park and Maplewood Drive to ensure water system reliability.
Status Update: Material procurement is underway. Construction anticipated to begin in May 2024. Residents may observe construction activities along Toney Penna Drive near Bush Road.

12. Utility Infrastructure Repairs and Improvements Unit Price Contract (W2334)

Status: Construction In Progress
Completion Date: September 2025
Project Description: DeeVan, Inc provides proactive water distribution system repairs and improvements in various locations throughout the Town's water service area.
Status Update: Work is underway in Chasewood South requiring temporary interruption of water service with notice provided through the Town's website, door card hangers and automated phone messages. Future work planned to occur in Ocean Walk and Whispering Trails.

13. Floridan Aquifer Rehabilitation Contract (W2407)

Status: Contract Awarded
Completion Date: December 2024
Project Description: All Webb's Enterprises, Inc. provides proactive well rehabilitation services to the Town's twelve existing Floridan Aquifer Wells, as needed to address well capacity and water quality decline, and ensure system reliability.
Status Update: Upcoming work includes maintenance of RO-3 at the Town's water treatment plant, and rehabilitation of RO-13, located on the C-18 Canal. Residents that use the Blue Gill Trail along the C-18 canal, near RO-13, may observe construction activity.

14. Pine Gardens North Infrastructure Improvements (WS2012)

Status: On Hold
Completion Date: TBD
Project Description: Replacement of aging water distribution piping systems with new watermains, valves and hydrants and construction of new drainage systems to address nuisance flooding.
Status Update: Original Construction Contract was terminated. The Town is working with the Surety to find a contractor to complete the work. Meanwhile, Sunshine Land Design, has assisted the Town with restoration of sidewalks, driveway aprons and asphalt left incomplete by the previous contractor.

15. Dolphin Drive Drainage and Water Main Improvements (WS2213)

Status: Preparing for Re-Bid
Completion Date: TBD
Project Description: Construction of drainage improvements to address localized nuisance flooding at the south end of Dolphin Drive and replacement of the aged water distribution system on Dolphin Drive, Dolphin Park, and Dolphin Circle.
Status Update: Bids received exceeded budget; design and scope under review for re-bidding the contract.

16. Mobile Bed Absorbers (MBA) Blower Replacements (W1503F)

Status: Advertising for Bids
Completion Date: TBD
Project Description: Replacement of blowers and construction of related improvements to the MBA odor control system at the Water Treatment Plant, which neutralizes odorous hydrogen sulfide after it has been removed from treated drinking water. Replacement of the 35-year old blowers is necessary to restore odor control treatment efficiency.  
Status Update: The Utility is soliciting competitive proposals through DemandStar from qualified contractors.  Sealed bids are due 02/28/2024 and will be publicly opened in Town Council Chambers.